Email Extractor with B2B search

Scrape email addresses, phone numbers & social media links from websites and search queries

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Scrape Email, Phone, Social Media links

Generate leads by scraping email addresses, phone numbers and social media links from websites and search queries (example: 'Dentists in Chicago', 'Accountants in New York' etc.)

Scrape Emails from any Website

Crawl all pages of any website and scrape email, phone & social media links. Know More

Extract Emails from a list of URLs

Extract email addresses, phone numbers and social media links from a list of websites (URLs)

Get B2B Email Leads

Generate B2B leads for queries like 'Restaurants in New York', 'Accountants in Chicago' etc. Know More

With GrabContacts, you can...
  • - Crawl an entire website or list of websites and scrape emails, phone numbers and social media links
  • - Build email lists for marketing
  • - Build phone number lists for SMS marketing or cold calling
  • - Scrape social media URLs from websites
  • - Extract email addresses & phone numbers from search queries (example: 'Architects in Paris')
  • - Generate B2B leads from search queries or by crawling websites


$ 0

per month

  • 3 Daily Searches
  • 20 Results per Search
  • 3 tasks in dashboard
  • No concurrent tasks
  • 200 contacts storage
$ 29

per month

  • 10 Daily Searches
  • 60 Results per Search
  • 5 tasks in dashboard
  • 2 concurrent tasks
  • 2000 contacts storage
$ 49

per month

  • 20 Daily Searches
  • 200 Results per Search
  • 10 tasks in dashboard
  • 3 concurrent tasks
  • 10000 contacts storage
$ 99

per month

  • 40 Daily Searches
  • 400 Results per Search
  • 20 tasks in dashboard
  • 4 concurrent tasks
  • 20000 contacts storage


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