B2B Lead Generation, made as simple as search!

Get email addresses, phone numbers & social media links of businesses from websites and search queries

Made with 💗 by the same team which built WebHarvy


Get Email, Phone, Social Media links

Generate leads by scanning for email addresses, phone numbers and social media links in websites and from search queries (example: 'Dentists in Chicago', 'Accountants in New York' etc.)

Get Emails from Websites

Scan all pages of a website and extract email, phone & social media links. Know More

Get Emails from a list of URLs

Scrape email addresses, phone numbers and social media links from a list of website addresses (URLs)

Get B2B leads from Search

Generate leads for search queries like 'Restaurants in New York'. Know More

With GrabContacts, you can...
  • - Scan entire websites or list of websites for emails, phone numbers and social media links
  • - Build email lists for marketing
  • - Build phone number lists for SMS marketing or cold calling
  • - Scan social media URLs from websites
  • - Get email addresses & phone numbers from search queries (example: 'Architects in Paris')
  • - Save scanned contacts to lists and manage them


$ 0

per month

  • 100 page scans
  • 3 tasks in dashboard
  • No concurrent tasks
  • 200 contacts storage
$ 29

per month

  • 500 page scans
  • 5 tasks in dashboard
  • 2 concurrent tasks
  • 2000 contacts storage
$ 49

per month

  • 2500 page scans
  • 10 tasks in dashboard
  • 3 concurrent tasks
  • 10000 contacts storage
$ 99

per month

  • 5000 page scans
  • 20 tasks in dashboard
  • 4 concurrent tasks
  • 20000 contacts storage


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